Friday, 23 May 2014

Mobile Dominance

Apple and Google are fighting for mobile video game dominance, a new report has revealed.

Mobile Dominance Apple Vs Google Daniel Adel, New York Times
Image source: Daniel Adel, New York Times
The mobile giants are both persuading game developers to choose them to be the exclusive holders of their latest games. Both companies are in talks with top game developers to secure a deal. If a game developer chooses to give either brand an exclusivity deal, they will receive ideal placement on the first page of the app store.

This comes as no surprise, as app games are one of the most lucrative markets within the mobile app industry. In traditional gaming, games will often be exclusive to a certain console, and is common marketing practice with console games. However this is relatively new for app games.

Last August, the highly anticipated Plant Versus Zombies 2, struck a deal with apple to appear prominently in the app store. For this publicity, EA agreed to give Apple a 2 month exclusivity deal on the game, meaning Apple users came out on top.

Apple has been the front runner in mobile games for years, mainly due to the fact that IOS is easier to develop for, however, recently Android has leveled the playing field as tools for writing software have become much easier to use. However, an analyst at IDC has publicly stated that “"In terms of decision factors of why you buy the device you do, games are very low," Which has sparked debate on whether exclusive app store games will sway buyers when choosing a device.

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