Tuesday, 25 March 2014

3 Scrap 0800 Dialling Charges

Good news for 3 mobile customers this week, as the provider has scrapped all charges when calling premium rate numbers. This means that 0800 numbers are now free of charge when calling from any 3 mobile. Not only that, 3 have lowered the charges to call other premium rate numbers. 3 are the first of the top mobile providers to scrap this fee for their 9 million customers, and as 3 is Britain’s smallest telephone operator, they could pave the way to revolutionising premium rate number charges. Although, considering it’s been estimated that operators make nearly £600 million per year from premium rate numbers; we’re not sure whether other companies will be willing to accept this loss across the board.

 New customers will feel the benefit today; however old customers can opt in, at no extra charge or contract renewal. This comes into effect as Ofcom have announced that from June 2015 providers must make these charges much more clear for their consumers, as a staggering 47% of mobile users have been shocked to receive a phone bill after calling premium rate numbers. Ofcom hopes that in the battle to make things clearer for users, phone companies will properly outline the full charges.

The CEO of 3 made this statement regarding the change ““We asked people what frustrated them most about their mobile bills and confusion around the cost of calling 08 numbers came out top by a big margin.”

3 have really shown their dedication to its customers wants and needs by making this change, and we hope that other providers step forward to match 3’s offer. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Help the Environment and Save Yourself Cash

As the mobile phone industry booms, more and more people are regularly after the latest handset available on the market. This is great news for mobile phone companies, however what happens to your old phone once you have upgraded your handset? Is it left in a drawer? Or even thrown away?

Recycling your old mobile phone has never been more imperative – not only can you get some cash for your old handset; you can also help the environment one small step at a time.

E-waste, or also known as electronic waste, is quickly becoming a massively talked about subject online and offline. A study done by the US Environmental Protection agency shows that 11% of the e-waste we produce is solely mobile phones. The good news is, this figure is slowly dropping year by year, and we hope eventually that none of the electronic waste we produce is mobile phone related. All of us contribute to this figure, if we don’t recycle. We should all be looking at how we can tackle our waste proactively.

You can help the environment by looking into recycling all electronic goods that you are no longer using. Each time you upgrade your handset (or anyone in your household does!) you should always look at recycling your old model at the same time. If everybody took these simple steps when getting rid of an old mobile phone, then hopefully we can lessen the amount of e-waste we are producing. Over time each step towards a greener earth with benefit us all.

So make money, save the planet and be green by recycling your mobile phone!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Mobile Phone Recycling

In this day and age, mobile phone recycling has never been more important. It’s estimated that only 10% of our electronic items get recycled per year, and anything we can do to increase that amount is beneficial to all of us. It’s tricky to estimate how many mobile users there are exactly in the UK, as many of us have multiple phones, as well as old phones left in the drawer, and pay as you go deals. The last estimate at mobile phones in the UK, at any given time, was placed at a staggering 90 million. However, as this study was conducted a couple of years ago, the amount could be a lot more than we think. If any of these mobiles aren’t disposed of correctly, it could lead to serious problems for our planet, further down the line.

If all those phones were simply thrown away in a landfill site, we would cause irreparable damage to our land. Some of the components in our mobiles are toxic, such as lead and arsenic. These can absorb into our soil and cause issues for generations to come. If any of those toxic chemicals seeped in our soil, crops and plat life would be massively affected. As well as being beneficial for the planet, there are legitimate safety reasons as to why you should not throw your old phone away. Some components have been found extremely dangerous, and some of these are listed in the 10 most dangerous substances known to man. Taking this into account, it has never been more imperative to recycle mobile phones.

You can recycle any type of mobile phone, the better the make and model - the more money you will receive for recycling. Even if your phone has been liquid damaged, or dropped, you can still recycle.

For more information on mobile phone recycling, visit our website for more information.