Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Help the Environment and Save Yourself Cash

As the mobile phone industry booms, more and more people are regularly after the latest handset available on the market. This is great news for mobile phone companies, however what happens to your old phone once you have upgraded your handset? Is it left in a drawer? Or even thrown away?

Recycling your old mobile phone has never been more imperative – not only can you get some cash for your old handset; you can also help the environment one small step at a time.

E-waste, or also known as electronic waste, is quickly becoming a massively talked about subject online and offline. A study done by the US Environmental Protection agency shows that 11% of the e-waste we produce is solely mobile phones. The good news is, this figure is slowly dropping year by year, and we hope eventually that none of the electronic waste we produce is mobile phone related. All of us contribute to this figure, if we don’t recycle. We should all be looking at how we can tackle our waste proactively.

You can help the environment by looking into recycling all electronic goods that you are no longer using. Each time you upgrade your handset (or anyone in your household does!) you should always look at recycling your old model at the same time. If everybody took these simple steps when getting rid of an old mobile phone, then hopefully we can lessen the amount of e-waste we are producing. Over time each step towards a greener earth with benefit us all.

So make money, save the planet and be green by recycling your mobile phone!

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