Tuesday, 25 March 2014

3 Scrap 0800 Dialling Charges

Good news for 3 mobile customers this week, as the provider has scrapped all charges when calling premium rate numbers. This means that 0800 numbers are now free of charge when calling from any 3 mobile. Not only that, 3 have lowered the charges to call other premium rate numbers. 3 are the first of the top mobile providers to scrap this fee for their 9 million customers, and as 3 is Britain’s smallest telephone operator, they could pave the way to revolutionising premium rate number charges. Although, considering it’s been estimated that operators make nearly £600 million per year from premium rate numbers; we’re not sure whether other companies will be willing to accept this loss across the board.

 New customers will feel the benefit today; however old customers can opt in, at no extra charge or contract renewal. This comes into effect as Ofcom have announced that from June 2015 providers must make these charges much more clear for their consumers, as a staggering 47% of mobile users have been shocked to receive a phone bill after calling premium rate numbers. Ofcom hopes that in the battle to make things clearer for users, phone companies will properly outline the full charges.

The CEO of 3 made this statement regarding the change ““We asked people what frustrated them most about their mobile bills and confusion around the cost of calling 08 numbers came out top by a big margin.”

3 have really shown their dedication to its customers wants and needs by making this change, and we hope that other providers step forward to match 3’s offer. 

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