Friday, 9 May 2014

4G in the UK

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It has recently been revealed that EE have reached a milestone! The much anticipated 4G rollout has finally reached its 200th town. Not content with bringing 4G mobile speed to the masses, the town they chose had some significant value, after a report announced that a Welsh street has the worst broadband speed in the while of the UK. EE announced that Rhyl, a quaint seaside town in Wales, would be the 200th to receive the signal.

Only 18 months after launching the service in the UK, EE is now covers a whopping 72% of the UK

The CEO made a statement stating "We now have over two million customers using super fast 4G. That's the fastest rollout and uptake of any technology in Britain, and means that the UK's mobile digital infrastructure is now ahead of many other nations. We're proud to have been the driving force that made that happen, but we won't stop there."

He also added

"Our continued drive to deliver 4G to more of the UK means that our customers have access to by far the biggest network in the country. Hitting this landmark highlights that 4G from EE is available wherever people need it - at home, at work, or enjoying the sunshine on the beach n Rhyl, our 200th town.”

It’s amazing to see how widespread 4G has become over the last year and a half, and it can only mean good things for the UK’s technology infrastructure. Are you using 4G? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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