Thursday, 19 June 2014

OwnFone Launch First Ever Phone For Blind People

OwnFone, a UK based company who specialize in making low-tech user friendly handsets, has just announced that they may have made life that little bit easier for the visually impaired - by launching the first ever mobile phone handset for blind people.

Other Braille phones have been designed by various companies before this has been released to the public; however OwnFone states that the device is the first of its kind to go on sale.

By using 3D printed Braille buttons and offering short cuts to pre-saved phone numbers, which there are 4 of in total. This handset may have pretty limited functionality compared to other models on the market; that being said, it’s the first step in making a handset a viable option for the visually impaired.

With the prices starting at £60, it isn't only affordable, but convenient and at a reasonable price. The low cost is mostly due to the 3D printing aspect of production, meaning that the parts can be printed off in house, lowering the need for high cost suppliers.

OwnFone have a track recording of developing mobile phones outside of the standard target market. In 2013 the company developed and produced a child-friendly mobile called named 1stFone. The device was around the size of a credit card, and came pre-programmed with a chosen 4 numbers. The model was a hit, with parents up and down the country praising the company for making a simple model for younger children.

OwnFone really are offering a great service to those who may not be suitable for a standard mobile phone.

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