Friday, 14 February 2014

Recycling Firm To Build £25M Glass Recycling Plant

Recycling company Viridor has announced plans to build a £25-million plant in Scotland, where it will be able to process 200,000 tonnes of glass a year – the equivalent of 150% of all glass packaging that is currently collected in Scotland. The company hopes that the plant will reduce the necessity for importing glass in industries such as whisky production. Viridor has said the facility, which will be located at Newhouse in Lanarkshire, will be the most advanced in Europe.

The company already has a £100-million recycling network in Scotland, with this latest investment working towards bringing a £500-million nationwide strategy to implement a zero waste policy into practice. Commenting on the news, Viridor's chief executive Ian McAulay said the new plant will support the sustainability of the whisky production industry and associated areas. The director of operational and technical affairs for the Scotch Whisky Association, Julie Hesketh-Laird, said that whisky distillers in Scotland are committed to achieving a 40% proportion of packaging coming from recycled glass by 2020. Since glass is the main form of packaging for Scotch whisky, the industry welcomes any innovation in the supply chain that will improve the rate of glass recycling.

According to statistical data, approximately 1.65 million tonnes of glass containers were recycled in 2008, while the overall production of glass bottles and jars in the country stood at four million tonnes for the same year. These contained an average of 30% recycled glass.

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