Thursday, 2 January 2014

37,000 Brits Take Part In Tesco/Coca-Cola Recycling Campaign

An online campaign carried out by Tesco and Coca-Cola has drawn pledges from 37,000 people to recycle and be rewarded either with a 50p discount voucher for a number of Coca-Cola products or 25 bonus Tesco Clubcard points.

The campaign, called Together We're Making Recycling Count, was launched with its own website in June 2013. The site featured information about how to recycle along with a video from Coca-Cola demonstrating the company's recycling procedure. The campaign reached a large audience, with more than seven million consumers viewing the recycling messages on Tesco's main website,

Among the people taking part in the campaign, around two-thirds of those who previously admitted they never recycle revealed in follow-up e-mails that they now always or almost always recycle. Interviews were made with those pledging to recycle, revealing an improved understanding of the wider environmental implications of recycling and the positive effect of the campaign.

Both Coca-Cola and Tesco said they were very happy with the results of their initiative and the chance it gave them to share recycling tips and other information with their customers. According to Nick Canney, sales and marketing vice-president of Coca-Cola, such initiatives have proved to be a powerful tool in addressing at-home recycling issues and encouraging people to do it. It has also shown to be invaluable in raising awareness among customers about the necessity of recycling, he added.

According to information from the British Plastics Federation, packaging accounts for the largest part of Britons' plastic consumption, with a 38% share of the total.

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