Thursday, 5 December 2013

Samsung Rumoured To Work on S5 Metal Body

The much anticipated addition to the Samsung Galaxy family may have a brand new feature that, albeit not entirely unexpected, will take Samsung's design into a complete new direction. The South Korean manufacturer is reported to be preparing a new metal body for its upcoming S5.

According to a report by Korean website EMSOne, Taiwanese-based supplier Catcher is ready to start shipping metal components to Samsung. It is believed that the South Korean company has turned to HTC designers who came up with the acclaimed aluminium- body models, technology news site Crave reports.
The new S5 may be revealed as early as January 2014, but it is more likely that the official presentation of the device will be held in March. Based on the popularity of the Galaxy series, the manufacturer is reported to have ordered up to 30 million metal bodies.

Samsung had been rumored to have plans to ditch its plastic design for years, so the report is not a surprise to industry experts. The transition from plastic cases to metal bodies may have been in the works ever since the launch of the Galaxy S4, which faced serious criticism over its less than premium design, reports said. However, the switch to metal has been expected even before the release of the S4, but rumors then were proved wrong. This time the change may actually happen, since Sony and HTC have both launched their flagships standing at the higher end of the market. We will just have to wait and see.

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