Thursday, 31 October 2013

Tips on Recycling Mobile Phones

According to data from the Recycle Now organisation, up to 80% of a mobile phone is recyclable, and now it is easier than ever for people to dispose their old mobiles in a safe way.

One of the options is to take your old mobile to the dealership where you got your new one. All mobile phone shops take in mobiles to be recycled, and some of them even pay a part-exchange fee. Another way is to take the old device to your local household recycling centre, where a variety of household items are recycled. If your old phone is in a good condition and still working well, you can donate it to a charity or a second-hand shop so that someone can still use it. Charities also recycle the phones they can't sell, so it's guaranteed that it will not go to waste and pollute the environment.

There are also online schemes for mobile phone recycling which pay you to give them your old mobile. You just need to find such a website, enter your phone's details, and you will be informed how much money you would receive. If you are fine with the deal, you will get a postage paid envelope in which to send your old phone, and will then receive a cheque with the sum it has been valued at.

A word of warning, however: make sure you remove your SIM card from the phone before you take it to a recycling hub, as well as any personal data and phone numbers.

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